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The Scarsdale Business Alliance (SBA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Village of Scarsdale and its local businesses. The SBA looks to combine the value and voices of our members, and work closely with local government to create a thriving village community. The SBA  serves as a voice for the business community on a range of policy issues.

The Scarsdale Business Alliance, with its experienced Board of Directors, has established a dynamic membership of dedicated merchants and service providers. With a laser-like focus on creating relevance for our local retail hubs, the SBA looks to continue its proven track record of downtown events, programming, and value-added services to its members. 

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The SBA supports our merchant community by promoting joint member events such as the Health & Wellness Fair, Summer Sidewalk Sale, and Scarsdale Music Festival.


The SBA community of member merchants stay connected to help one another navigate the decisions we make to improve our businesses. 


The SBA maintains a strong presence on social media to capture our local audience. The SBA also distributes news bulletins to its members.


The SBA is the voice of our merchant community when we approach local officials about policy issues facing our members.

"Decades-old prognostications about how the internet would make location obsolete have failed to come true; place matters more than ever... Creating thriving small and mid-sized towns is, of course, no small task. It requires local leaders, business owners, and community residents to come together to identify their assets, strategically situate themselves in their regional economy, and develop a shared vision and identity to sell to the world."

- Bruce Katz, Former Centennial Scholar & Patrice Frey President and CEO National Main Street Center, Inc. via The Brookings Institute



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