The Scarsdale Business Alliance, with its experienced Board of Directors, has established a dynamic membership of dedicated merchants and service providers. With a laser-like focus on creating relevance for our local retail hubs, the SBA looks to continue its proven track record of downtown events, programming, and value-added services to its members.  The SBA has also forged strong ties with the Village government and serves as a voice for the business community on a range of policy issues. The SBA is looking to become one of the premier Westchester County business and community organizations. Join us to leverage the many benefits of membership. We are excited to promote our members businesses through numerous channels. The SBA serves as a liaison between the community, local businesses, government and the media.

Why Join?

Member benefits

Assist overall business vitality and brand recognition through participation in large village wide events


Networking and business development with other local members


Improved access to Village Government through SBA channels


Inclusion in SBA social media, calendars and newsletters for announcements,events and updates


SBA Website business listing and dedicated individual page


Sponsorship opportunities for large community events


Business advocacy, visibility and camaraderie


And more...


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